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Boston Center for the Arts Choreographers' Residency Application

Luminarium Dance Company 2016

Below, please enjoy footage of our commissioned work for TEDxCambridge, performed at the Boston Opera House on June 9, 2016. Rather than submitting an alternate five-minute work, we do encourage you to view this full five-minute piece, if you are able. If not, the opening two minutes are largely used to establish atmosphere and introduce the characters into the space, with the final three minutes becoming choreographically focused on determined drive and power as a group.


TEDxCambridge Opening Act

Choreography: Merli V. Guerra & Kimberleigh A. Holman

Run Time: 5 minutes

In short, we plan to use our residency as an opportunity to continue the work we started through this commissioned five-minute piece, by expanding it into a feature-length production.


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