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– A Note from the Artistic Directors –

As many of you have witnessed in person, Luminarium's annual feature production continues to expand each season with increasingly intricate choreography, lighting, set design, and sound. This season's production set out to take the 8 characters created for last year's TEDxCambridge commission and further develop them through a cohesive, evening-length work. As we continue to expand upon everything from the image of the large red circle on the floor to the dancers' intrigue with it, and the athletic choreography to the ever-evolving music composition by Christos Zevos, we've come to recognize that this particular production requires more time to develop than its predecessors. 

In light of this, Luminarium is proud to announce that for the first time in the company's history, we are taking two full seasons to create and present this epic new work! The production—currently untitled—will now debut September 21, 22, 28, 29 of 2018 at the Multicultural Arts Center in Cambridge, while excerpts of the production will begin popping up at concerts and festivals late May through August 2018. 

But don't erase Luminarium's December 2017 Feature Production dates on your calendars just yet! On Saturday, December 2 at 7pm, the company is hosting an informal showing of the work thus far at Green Street Studios (Cambridge MA). Step into our rehearsal space and see what happens after the TEDx characters leap towards the alluring red circle, and watch as their relationships begin to unfold for better or worse. Stay after the showing and chat with directors and dancers about the work in progress. Admission is free with a suggested donation of $5 towards our 2018 community outreach programming. RSVPs are kindly requested, though by no means required. Planning on attending? Let us know!

Looking forward to sharing this exciting new work with you...

Kim & Merli



Green Street Studios (Studio 1)

Cambridge MA


Jess Chang

Devon Colton

Melenie Diarbekirian

Brittany Lombardi
Amy Mastrangelo

Katie McGrail

Alison McHorney
Chun-jou Tsai


This event is FREE to attend, with a $5 suggested donation.

RSVPs are appreciated, though not required.

Image: Ryan Carollo

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