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Dance for World Community Festival Application

Luminarium Dance Company 2015

Below, please find the two scenes from Luminarium's THE SLEEPRUNNER that we plan to present at this year's Dance for World Community Festival.


The Sleeprunner

Scene II: Insomni

A solo that shifts into a quartet, Insomni follows the struggles of quieting the thoughts that keep one up at night. Do we succumb to the tasks preying on our minds? Or do we calm them, conquer them, and find a peaceful rest?



The Sleeprunner

Scene III: Idle Reverie

This quirky, edgy, and oh-so-relatable duet follows the inner musings of what could be described as “platonic pillow talk.” From moments as domestic as taking out the trash to humorous ponderings on the sleep patterns of squirrels, this scene offers both levity and sincerity in its mirth.



Photos of The Sleeprunner at its December 5th debut at the Multicultural Arts Center in Cambridge MA:

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