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Southern Vermont Dance Festival Application

Luminarium Dance Company 2015

Below, please find two scenes from Luminarium's 75-minute work THE SLEEPRUNNER. The work is divided into six scenes. Depending on what you'd like to present at the Southern Vermont Dance Festival, we are able to bring as many of these scenes as you like. Our shortest is Scene III: Idle Reverie, the duet shown below (6 minutes), while other scenes such as Scene VI: Highest Moon are about 12 minutes long and involve the larger cast.


The Sleeprunner

Scene VI: Highest Moon

The finale to the show, this scene exists as an unexplainable lucid dream; a rowdy happening under the moon as it treks through the sky.


The Sleeprunner

Scene III: Idle Reverie

A quirky, edgy, and oh-so-relatable duet following the inner musings of what could be described as "platonic pillow talk."




Photos of The Sleeprunner at its December 5th debut at the Multicultural Arts Center in Cambridge MA:

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