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"A multisensory experience of dance stretching its traditional skills into new media and technology."













Over the past 11 seasons, Luminarium has self-produced 25 major productions and choreographed 105 original works, comprising: 71 onstage repertory pieces, 16 performance installations, 12 screendance films, 5 360-degree VR films, and one self-published storybook. The company is regularly commissioned to create new choreographic works and performance installations—for venues ranging from gardens and art walks to opening act performances for TEDxCambridge (Boston Opera House) and the Rosoff Awards (The State Room)—and has presented its works at 160+ events across the U.S.; and abroad in Argentina, Canada, Georgia, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Portugal, Romania, and Spain. Below is a full catalogue of our choreographic works since 2010 for reference purposes only. For videos of specific works, please contact us directly at

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